Amber jewelry and Amber stones

Our amber-company in Lithuania was set up in 1992 as a Lithuanian-German enterprise for production and marketing amber jewelry and gifts. Our German marketing was added in 1997.

With time and it succeeded with increasing effort of modern taking workmanship to enlarge our assortment and to fulfill most customer preferences.

Even if one does not believe in such a way, amber nevertheless belongs to the most expensive gemstones: Therefore, all manufacturers must classify carefully every stone before its processing in order to provide to his correct determination.

Amber is a natural product, every stone by itself a uniqueness, and it is the art of the grader to recognize the final product in the rough stone with that the loss of material survives justifiably and beauty survives most of all.

However no one looks behind the weathering crust of amber: In such a way, a wonderful convex stone which one wants to form in a round bead can be afflicted inside with bark or else a polished stone does not resist printing while drilling and shatters.

The workmanship of the amber was and is a piece of handiwork: Sorting, grinding and threading – most of the working cycles are carried out manually.

Our company has a broad product range: Begun from tumbling stones and the different articles of them, we carry along various pendant forms, more than 60 different necklaces, bracelets, children`s teething necklaces and much more (too with sterling silver).

However, one is common to our products: They consist exclusively of natural amber!

Reconstructed or pressed amber may find as well as plastic no use!!!

This assurance, our quality, delivery in time and our competitive prices are perhaps the reasons which our customers bind to our company.

You perhaps also find a couple of minutes of leisure in order to consider our amber products and to request and sniff our schedules of prices: MATCH YOU!

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